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Q. How long does it take to get started with Practicefirst?

A. After receiving your one-page new client information form, Practicefirst follows up with insurance carriers to attain authorization to transmit claims. During this time, we construct your database and establish the proper customary fee for all your CPT codes. This usually takes about one week.

Q. How do we get our charge information to Practicefirst once our account is set up?

A. For your convenience, Practicefirst accepts information electronically or in a paper format. This is accomplished via the Internet through a secure connection. We also accept information faxed or delivered by commercial carrier.

Q. How does Practicefirst handle denials and underpayments?

A. Practicefirst addresses denials and underpayments at the time of payment posting from the explanation of benefits payment vouchers. We also produce biweekly reports based on the age of the claim by carrier that is beyond our internally-set time limit for payment for each carrier.

Q. What type of information will I receive to keep me updated on my account?

A. Practicefirst produces monthly reports and delivers them within five business days of the end of the month. Our system report writing function also allows us to customize reports to provide you information specific to your practice needs.

Q. Who handles my patients’ billing questions?

A. Every bill mailed by Practicefirst contains a toll-free telephone number specific to each client. Our staff accepts these calls and explains the responsibility portion of the service provided in a friendly, understanding manner.

Q. How often will our patients be billed?

A. Patients are billed every 35 days for three billing cycles. Each bill contains an increasingly stronger dunning message (approved by you) requesting payment. At the conclusion of the billing process, if Practicefirst has not received payment or confirmed a reasonable payment plan with the patient, we will return the account to you for your review prior to sending the account to your designated collection agency.

Q. Where are our reimbursements sent?

A. Practicefirst offers three options for you to receive your payments:
1. Payments are sent directly to your office. You provide your EOB and patient payments to Practicefirst so we can update your accounts.
2. Payments are sent to a "lockbox" at your financial institution; copies of the payments are mailed to Practicefirst daily.
3. Payments are sent to the Practicefirst office; we receive your payments and deposit the checks directly into your bank account.

You decide which plan works for your practice needs.

Q. How does Practicefirst ensure client and patient confidentiality?

A. Practicefirst is dedicated to the confidentiality of all clients' financial and patient-protected health information. Our company compliance policies and employee manual address this issue in great detail. Practicefirst is fully HIPAA compliant.

Q. How does Practicefirst charge for services?

A. You choose the method that is most convenient for you, based on your practice needs:
1. Flat fee per encounter
2. Percentage of the total practice cash receipts
Our attention to detail and experience with insurance carriers minimizes the cost associated with having your medical billing outsourced.

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